Knife Black Max Stax Bagged Refills (1000 knives per case)

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Safe and clean cutlery refills for the Max Stax Cutlery Dispenser

  • Bagged cutlery completely eliminates contact points on individual cutlery pieces and prevents customers from touching potentially mishandled plastic film used for individually wrapped cutlery.
  • Sanitary operation -- simply insert the cutlery, pull the red tab, and lift the cutlery bag out.  Now just pull the cutlery handle and another is dispensed!  This touchless loading system ensures no one but the customer contacts their cutlery.  This greatly reduces the spread of germs in your establishment!
  • Safe Storage -- this cutlery is bagged from the point of production until you refill your dispenser. This provides an extra layer of protection from potential contamination in storage or transportation compared to standard bulk cutlery. 
  • Heavyweight Polypropylene knife, fork, or spoon in black.
  • 1000 knives per carton as 10 refill bags containing 100 count each.