Enhance Your Dining Experience With Our Printed Solutions

MedFare specializes in printed solutions to enhance the patient, resident, and consumer dining experience, including Traycovers, Menus, Napkins, Placemats, Napkin Bands, Dietary and Cutlery Kits, Diet Cards, and Tray Cards/Tickets/Slips as well as pre-meal Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes. We also have the ability to create customized printed programs utilizing the talents of our in-house Graphic Design Department. 

Offering the fastest shipping times in the industry, MedFare warehouses and ships from the Midwestern United States. All stock orders are processed and shipped out within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the order and customers receive their orders within 3 to 7 business days. Custom orders are produced and shipped out within 3 to 4 weeks of receiving final artwork approval. 

We serve independently managed facilities as well as members of Food Management and Group Purchasing Organizations, including, but not limited to Vizient and Vizient's Preferred Pediatric Program, HPS, Acurity, Yankee Alliance and Encompass Health. We have created relationships with distributors such as Supplies on the Fly (a Sysco company), Sysco, US Foods, Reinhart Foodservice, and Gordon Food Service, which allow customers to receive products at their convenience. 

The Important Added Benefits of Using Our Products

Studies are proving that the spread of germs can be contained through the help of Disposable Traycovers or Placemats and pre-meal Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes. In fact, providing these items for each patient can drastically reduce the cases of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI's).  Read more here: 

1) Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Health-Care Settings

2) Benefits of Paper Placemat or Tray Cover Use in the Reduction of Bacterial Contamination in Selected Public Facilities. 

The benefits of providing these items for patients, residents, and guests far outweigh their low cost. Isn't it worth it to help prevent the spread of germs?  We can help!  MedFare can provide a custom or stock printed mealtime program that includes these items for as little as 19 cents per meal. 

Creating Innovation and Efficiencies

MedFare has a history of creating innovative solutions that help you achieve your goals more efficiently.  Our newest system, MedFare's Order Management Solution, enables you and your team to: 

• Customize all of your facility's printing needs     

• Add your brand and message to ANY printed item.  

• Ensure consistency and compliance across multiple departments or facilities

• Easily allows you and your team to create or alter your design from your desktop, tablet, or phone.

• E-mail digital proofs of your creations to whomever you like for approval.

• Once artwork is approved, place your order for these items from the software solution to be printed and shipped quickly.

• Allows you to order smaller quantities as needed to keep your information up to date.

• Order all of your MedFare products in one place.  This system easily allows you to order both MedFare stock items along with your custom printed items. 

• Orders can be emailed through this system to your purchasing department so that they can easily generate a purchase order number if needed.

• Your artwork stays on file, so updating your items and reordering is easy.

• Sales history and inventory reports available so you and your team can easily track your in-house inventory and be reminded to reorder before you run out of product.  

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