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Especially for You 3-Up Blank Tray Tents - Pack of 250 Sheets

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  • Add elegance to your presentation with these Especially For You Tray Tents, a part of MedFare's most comprehensive stock program, the Especially For You Coordinated Tray Top Program.   
  • These tray tents are designed so that you can print your own information on the inside of the tray tent using your own printer.
  • 8-1/2" x 11" sheet with perforations that separates into three tray tents, with score for easy folding.
  • Can be used for sorry for the substitution notes, happy birthday, contact information, etc.  
  • Conveniently packed 250 sheets to a shrink-wrapped package
  • Matching Traycovers, Napkins, Tray Slips, Patient Hand Wipes, Tray Tents, Labels, and much more.