Enhance Your Dining Experience With Our Printed Solutions for Healthcare & Hospitality

Custom Orders & Submitting Artwork

Custom Design Is Our Specialty

  • Create your own brand identity.
  • Brighten and enhance your patient's mealtime experience.
  • Market your hospital's nutrition services.
  • Promote your message of hand hygiene and/or diet information.
Our graphic design department will work with you or your PR department to create a product set that is uniquely you. We can also add your name or logo to any stock printed pieces, as well as custom size any of our stock MedFare products.

Submitting Art Work

  1. Make sure your color mode is set to CMYK.
  2. Raster images should be set to 300 dpi.
  3. Logos can be sent as a vectored .eps
  4. Please include Pantone Colors if your job is printing in Spot.
  5. Convert all fonts to outlines or embed them in the document.
  6. Please include all, if any, linked images.
  7. Please include a .25" bleed if your job is to print with one.
  8. Set Inner margins to .25" inside the edges of the live area.
  9. Preferred programs include: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Quark Xpress.
  10. If using Microsoft Word, Publisher, and any other unlisted program, files need to be converted to .pdfs.
  11. If your file is larger than 6 mb, sign up with www.yousendit.com, it's free and easy.
  12. If the file is larger than 100mb, please mail a CD to us.
  13. For any questions regarding art set up or template request, feel free to email medfaresupport@medfare.com